The Launch

I pulled opened the blinds, lowered the toilet seat, and sat down with a cup of coffee. From there, I watched five baby birds struggle to take flight. 

While birds have nested under our covered porch in years past, my free time and awareness has never collided with the day the babies took flight.

So, I sat on my toilet seat with more than routine excitement.

For weeks I’d heard their morning calls through my bathroom window. While brushing my teeth, I’d peek through the blinds and watch the momma and daddy birds feed their offspring. As the babies grew in size, I knew they would soon launch. 

On the morning of the launch, I stepped out onto the porch with my camera where unusual movements caught my attention. A bold baby bird stood up extra tall and moved with unrest. So I rushed to the quiet of our bathroom and pulled open the blinds.

As I watched through the dirty window, the rabbel-rouser confirmed my suspicions. No longer satisfied with just peering over the edge, she stepped up onto the crusty ledge and leaned over.

Then, pulled back, unsure.

So, the others urged her on, crying "You can do it!"

Encouraged, she stood up tall as her siblings looked on in awe.

There, she considered the heights...

Spread her wings...

And then, pulled back in, safe.

Aware of her babies plight, momma bird flew in.

She landed on a chain right outside my window.

Daddy bird stopped by too.

Momma Bird flew up close to the nest, and whispered, "Come on. You can do it!"

Baby bird flapped her wings, but failed to jump.

Instead, she stared over the edge and pleaded for help. 

Flanked by both parents, courage built.

They offered one last morning snack...

And then I made a huge mistake.

Convinced the birds were stuck in fear mode, I decided to run outside with Windex and a paper towel to clean my window and enhance the view. But right as stepped across the threshold, they launched. Four of them. 

And I was peeved. 

While trying to improve my camera shot, I missed out on the photo. 

So, I turned to the blooming azaleas instead and they smiled nicely.

And then I saw him. The lone baby bird, still in the nest. But if you notice in this progression of photos, his head sticks just a little farther in each frame.

I worried about him. Wondered if I needed to feed him. But after a short Google search, I learned that the parents would most likely come back for him. And within thirty minutes, they flew in under the porch again. 

A voice student arrived shortly after, and by the time we finished our lesson, the nest was empty. But even this morning, the family of birds has been swooping in under all corners of our porch, singing and flitting about. 

So what have I learned?

1) I need to wash my windows. With my porch serving as a bird refuge, the summer ahead may allow for cool photos if I rid our home of window slime.

2) I do not need to concern myself over a slow to launch baby bird. His parents know exactly what to do. 

"Are not two sparrows sold for a penny? Yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from the will of your Father. And even the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So, don't be afraid; you are worth more than many sparrows" (Matthew 10: 29 - 31 NIV).

3) Even if I feel like the left-behind, slow-to-launch baby bird, I can trust my Heavenly Father will linger close till I take flight. 

What do I mean?

Last fall, I saw a writing mentor who's highly respected in Christian writing circles. After briefly catching up, he told me I could use his name when I was ready to reach out to a certain agent. If things go as planned, I'll meet that agent next month.

But for an agent to take notice, my Facebook, Twitter, and blog numbers need to increase. I don't worry about them too much, especially since I can't even organize my life enough to post on the same day each week. 

But as I struggle to manage my health, teaching, writing, and all that is my life, I often feel like the left-behind bird, watching other writers fly. 

So, today I'm going to stand on the edge of my comfortable nest and simply ask you to share blog posts that speak to you. By sharing them, you my readers increase my numbers. And that in turn, may help me launch. 

Ultimately, I trust God's hand in it all. My days are His and my future in His care. He will guide each step and make a way. 

But sometimes, we have to do our part by spreading our wings and taking a leap of faith. 

The day after the launch, I walked outside with my camera and laid down on my back in my driveway. There I watched birds fly among the tree tops. 

Man, it looked like fun. 


  1. Awesome photos, wonderful life lessons!

  2. Your posts always get my attention. I feel your emotion, and watch you figure things out. Today, I set back in my chair, waiting for those birds to fly - and then cringed when the desire to see clearer made us miss it. Oh my, how that fits my life right now! Thank you for the amazing life lesson.
    And then I laughed and laughed at the "Born to Fly" video, with its references to The Wizard of Oz and Dorothy. Since I live in Kansas, the combination was priceless.
    Thanks for the splash of joy today.

    1. I LOVE that song! Thanks for being you! You encourage me more than you know.


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