Braces and Babies

It happened. Finally. 

And just this morning I sipped coffee as my two-day-old grandson warmed my soul in new, tantalizing ways.

Life has changed.

After an hour with an acupuncturist, I spent last Wednesday (my birthday) with my daughter-in-law, Courtney. Ready to deliver, she appreciated the distraction, and I enjoyed feeling the bundle above swimming around in her belly. 

We now know that he kicked so much he tied a knot in his umbilical cord. 

I taught most of the day, Thursday, and by early evening, learned that Don's daughter, Nikki, had gone into labor several weeks early, out in Colorado. Amelia Marie made her entrance in the wee hours Friday morning, and spent a few days in the NICU. But she's home now, and very much loved.

We celebrated family birthdays Friday night with a cousin and his family who flew into town for the weekend. And by lunch time Saturday, I found my way to a local park where a hand full of classmates joined to celebrate our 30th high school reunion.

Adjusting to my new braces with people I hadn't seen in years made me uneasy at first. But I left feeling confident in my new attire. And having felt confident around old classmates, I figured I could take on the world.

I played with grandchildren on Sunday and caught up on some sleep Monday. Which proved a good thing since Courtney's water broke around 7:30 pm Monday night, on Sam's 24th birthday.

Our crew arrived at the hospital by 10:30 pm. Intense contractions continued as we fell into the throws of a baby time warp. Don spent a few hours seeping in the car while Nathan and I curled up on uncomfortable benches. We considered going home, but one thing led to another and we just never did. 

While I'm still a bit bleary-eyed, I have no regrets.

Elijah Aiden slid into this world around 3:30 am, weighing 7 lbs. 2 oz., just like his daddy. Mesmerized from the very beginning, we remain enthralled.

My oldest son, Nathan, stayed all night, 
even with a long day ahead. 

My husband, Don, rearranged some appointments, 
so he could stay the course, too.

Mom, Dad, and I met up Tuesday afternoon, so we could visit Elijah on the way to Nathan's first choir concert as the assistant director at Milton High School. 

And what better birthday present could my dad receive
 than his first great-grandson!

Holding my child's offspring felt surreal in way it will take time to process. 

And so will my new braces.

For,  as we left the hospital around 6:30 am, tired to the bone, I could still walk the halls in a way I hadn't in years. My hands hung at my side instead of brushing the wall for balance. My eyes looked forward instead of at the floor for stability. The braces that almost feel like robotic legs, moved me forward with ease.

So, forgive my long delay in writing. It's been a full ten days or more. Very full. And I'm still taking it all in.

Cause after the babies and the braces, I watched Nathan conduct his choir with confidence and poise. My boys have grown up and I'm a bonafide Grandma who can walk.

So, tonight I shall breathe deep and rest. And thank heaven for this magical moment in time. And if you have a minute, enjoy my son at work...


  1. Two babies! I missed that little girl somehow! Oh, what blessings! And braces that allow you to be wonder woman (well, you were already that in my eyes!) So happy for your news, Susan! And those babies are beautiful, and you just glow! Much love to all!

    1. Thanks, Deb! It's definitely a record setting week. So good to bask in what is. Just the here and now. Love you!

  2. So happy for you Susan! V xx (beautiful singing arrangement too ( : )


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