Why the Videos

I didn't push the button on our coffee pot until well after 11 am this morning. Which surprised me since I slept on the living room floor. 

Don's battling a bad cold and I didn't want his germs to make the tickle in my throat worse. So, I curled up on the floor last night, and must have been comfortable since I didn't open my eyes wide enough to look at the time until way past sunrise.

After coffee, I spent the next few hours uploading Facebook live videos to my YouTube channel. A worthwhile endeavor? I don't really know.

But last week, I committed to making one video a day for forty days. And here's why:

1) Creating a video doesn't take as much time as a blog post. 

2) When you share your raw self in a video, people get to know you in a different way than in a blog. Your personality comes through in a more tangible way. 

3) Videos reach a certain segment of our population that blogs don't. 

But why 40?

Instead of creating more videos, I've often allowed life stuff to bog me down. And when bogged down, I more easily hide away. 

By making forty videos in a row, I have to get over several things:

1) What people think.

2)  How I look.

3)  Not being perfect.

By not overthinking things, I'm slowly getting over myself. The paranoid thoughts. The need for approval or to make a BIG difference. 

Touching one life matters. Encouraging one soul is enough.

So, I'll close today by sharing the videos I uploaded today. And if you have interest in more over the next month, you can find them on my YouTube channel or Facebook page: Girl with a Chronic Disease. 

Happy Monday!



  1. Love these videos Susan-so real, so encouraging-thank you (and I love hearing your voice -beautiful,like you!) Vicky xx

    1. I'm so glad, Vicky! They're much easier than the blogs. I might be heading in a new direction as we approach the new year. Could even start Bible studies. I love Christmas and sharing thoughts about those passages. Thanks for your encouragement... always! Love, susan


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